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The passage of the Cube escape Arles game. Solve the riddles of Wangoga and find out what's going on in the head of this genius.

Click on the bed and take the hat. Click on the jacket in the middle of it will fall the key. Go right and open the locker with the key. Inside the cupboard, there will be wine. Approach the table and take the spoon. Click on the closet and find sugar behind the vase. There is also a piece of sugar there.

We go to the right, and to the right of the front door hangs a towel. On top of the sheet lies another piece of the picture. Let's go to bed. There is a table with a jug. We approach it and take the can and the brush. We open the table and take the brush. We look in a mirror to the right of a window, and we take away a piece of a picture. In order not to clog the equipment, we will arrange the found fragments of drawing in the frame above the bed. Press the bed again and find a bottle with absinthe under the pillow.

Let's go to the table where the spoon was taken; we brush the chalk. We receive a piece of a picture, and we see a symbol (further it will be useful to us). Let's go again to the frames above the bed; behind the left picture, there is another piece. We look at a picture with the drawn bottles, and we press on the right bottom corner.

Find another sign. The picture, which is on the right, can be assembled completely. Collect it. Click several times until we get sunflower. Put the sunflowers in the vase and solve the mystery with the sunflowers. We need all the sunflowers on the left to shrink.

Take the key and open the second locker. Take the knife and go to the mirror. Cut off the ear. Put the listener on the plate. Let's go to the table with the glass. Pour absinthe into it, put an absinthe spoon on top of it, put sugar on top of the spoons.

Drink until the sugar becomes a piece of the picture. Find the last part of the painting; it is behind the chair.

Collect the painting and press it until the key comes out of your mouth. With the key, we open the door and give Paul's friend a hat. The floor will drop the palette. Take the palette and go to the painting above the bed. We set up the palette, and we see the symbols. Each symbol in the apartment means color. These colors and paint the picture.

Take the cube from our painting. Hang the cube on the door. Let's go to the cut off an ear. On the right side of the wall hangs a picture with a hint of what to pour. We pour liquids on bottles. Press the ear and go to the ear))). On the way, we find a revolver on the ground. Let's go to the door. On the door, we see a hint; with the help of mathematics, we get the code 1458. We enter the code. We enter the room, go to the mirror, and give the disabled soul a revolver. Get a white cube, put the cube on the door, and that's where the passage of the Cube escape Arles ends.

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Developer Rusty Lake
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