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Hello! A lot of people think that the game only uses the 1-core (actually, everyone, but to varying degrees) and I decided to do a little research to determine the degree of processor dependency.

I decided to show the effect of different CPU CONTROL 2.1 settings on the number of FPS in the game.

Paired with AMD A10 5800K, I used an Nvidia GTX 760 graphics card. All processes except tanks are assigned the 4th core. Settings: standard renderer, maximum settings with some effects disabled by WoT Tweaker.

So, we have a processor with four cores operating at 3.8 GHz. What happens if you make the tanks run on the 1st core?

As you can see in the picture, the 1st core is fully loaded. The game has an average of 30 frames per second with huge jumps (15-60 FPS).

When you enter sniper mode, the image stopped for a short time, and the FPS fell sharply to 17-20 frames. In a few seconds, it became 60.

This is a severe optimization problem for players with weak computers. They could have played quite well if it wasn't for this nuance. Developers should have thought about it, especially since the forum is overwhelmed with reports of subsidence of FPS when switching to sniper mode.

Well, let's see what happens if we add the 2nd core: 

Here the situation is better, but not much. As in the case of the 1st core. The game still tries to use the resources of only the 1st core in real-time. It is as if they change places after the watch. However, there is still progress, and it feels like added about five pdf of the lower threshold and the delay in switching to sniper mode slightly smoothed out, the FPS fell not to 17-20, but 20-25. If you look at the graphs, you can see that the 2nd core of the 1st core was still involved, although in a short period and a small percentage. The range of frames per second is always the wildest.

Let's add the 3rd core: 

The game is getting much better. There are no large drawdowns, sniper mode does not pass FPS anymore, and there are no hang-ups. Although according to the schedules of this and you can not say. There are still drawdowns, though it is much rarer and not up to 25 frames, but up to 45. FPS began to fluctuate mainly between 50 and 60.

There are still no fully loaded at least two cores. 

However, we can see that it is already used more often than 1/4 of the total processor cores potential. For example, at the beginning of charts, 1 and 3 cores each, 50% of the load is used to. Besides, there are some crumbs on the 2nd core as well.

It seems that the number of cores mainly smoothes the drawdowns. It is as if the error occurs on the 1st core, and the work is picked up by another one. And the third "slightly insures" throwing some dry branches into the furnace.

Finally, let's move on to the 4th cores:

The comfort of the game is identical to playing on three cores. If there is a difference, it is minimal. Due to the difference in the cards I played, it's impossible to see it without special programs. Graphs are evener. The load jumps are less.

Thus, at the current optimization, for a comfortable game you need to have a processor with high-performance 2-core, or better with 3 (even weaker) cores.

CPU CONTROL can be a good help in case Windows does not manage the cores properly. In my case, they are all used, and there is no profit from the program.

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