These applications from Google Play write off your money, be careful!

Subscription is always a compromise. On the one hand, of course, this is good, because regular income allows developers to be more actively engaged in supporting their brainchild, releasing updates more often than when users paid once. And, on the other hand, probably, a rare user did not think that forcing us to pay for access to content every month, developers exploit us. But if you pay for professional software like Office 365 or Adobe Illustrator package to people, as a rule, it is not a pity. Every month nobody will want to pay n-number of money for scanners of QR codes and calculators. Subscription is not only convenient but sometimes dangerous

What is the danger of a subscription?

Sophos researchers have discovered that many developers who post their applications on Google Play are abusing the subscription tool. The fact is that even the creators of primitive software, which is often already built into the firmware of most smartphones, at the initial installation offer users to activate a trial period, after which their bank cards begin to be written off dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of dollars a month.

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Of course, technically, it is the users themselves who are to blame for this situation, many of whom do not look at what they agree to. However, the developers in this situation cannot be held responsible either. It's obvious that from the very beginning, they counted on the inattention of users when they introduced a subscription tool with a monthly tariff of several tens or hundreds of dollars into their applications, which is not very valuable.

Applications that cheat with subscriptions:

  • qr.code.barcode.maker.scanner.reader 5 million downloads (105 euros/month);
  • faceapp.facemystery.learnmoreaboutyourself 10 million downloads (105 euros/month);
  • 5 million downloads (105 EUR/month);
  • 5 thousand downloads (115 EUR/month);
  • 50 thousand downloads (105 EUR/month);
  • com.gifmaker.giffree.gifeditor 5 thousand downloads (220 EUR/month);
  • com.hidephotovideo.calculatorphotovault 1 thousand downloads (105 EUR/month);
  • com.compasspro.gpscoordinates 10 thousand downloads (220 EUR/month);
  • com.searchbyimage.reverseimagesearch 10 thousand downloads (220 euro/month).
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Even though the behavior of developers can hardly be called acceptable, Google can't help them. The fact is that according to the rules of Google Play, the creators of the software are free to choose the model of distribution of their applications, and their cost. If a developer thinks that his program costs 220 euros a month, he has every right to demand such a sum from users, and no one, including Google, can make him change the price.

How to cancel an Android subscription?

To unsubscribe, go to Google Play and open the context menu;

Start the "Subscriptions" section and view the list of active subscriptions;

If you notice in the list of active subscriptions the one you haven't registered or would like to disable, do so.

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Google cannot make developers obey its pricing policy. However, Google may implement a mechanism in Google Play that will notify users that the trial subscription period they have signed up for is about to expire and that if they are not ready to renew, they may cancel the subscription. This would be the gentlest way to resolve the conflict on both sides. Or maybe that's why Google isn't taking any action because it's suitable for it because it gets 30% of every transaction.