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The developers at King's gaming studio are famous not only for their high-quality games but also for their cute strangeness. Almost every game is dedicated to some spiritual things, whether its sweets, sodas, or god knows what else. It's not clear why, but it seems that this studio involved people as characters once, and that was not a man, but a witch. So the famous developers devoted their new project not to someone else, but to the soap itself. What?! Nothing, click to download Scrubby Dubby Saga on the android, and you will understand.

Soap game with no soapy graphics.

There was such a magical country called Soapland. And living in it, of course, soap. These soaps were of different sizes, colors, and sometimes even relatives were different from each other. But still, everyone was happy. However, as in all such stories, the ancient evil has risen/dark has awakened/dark evil forces are coming, and you have to save everyone by yourself. Just don't forget to shake off the foam from your face and wipe your soapy eyes, because you will find plenty of soap on your way! Scrubby Dubby Saga" is a project in the already familiar genre of King Studios "three in a row." You'll have to move the soap until it's in a slender row, where you can wash your hands in the same color. They burst, and your piggy bank receives expensive glasses that bring you closer to victory. But eminent developers wouldn't be famous if they made it so easy. Remember all the memes about "soap graphics" on Playstation 3? They didn't have much ground, and here nobody will think so, because the graphics are amazing! Yes, it's "three in a row," there is no need for much, but the developers managed to create a bright and colorful picture, which plunges everyone into the magical world of Maryland. The eyes do not pinch, do not be afraid. The animation of the game is also good because the developers have put a lot of effort into making the game look like a Disney cartoon.

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If you like the genre or creativity of the studio, likely, it is already downloaded from you. We answer those who still have doubts - this game is one of the brightest representatives of the genre in the history of its existence, and millions of downloaders will not let you lie. Just click to download Scrubby Dubby Saga for an android and enjoy the beautiful and magical story in the spirit of a great cartoon.

Summary about Scrubby Dubby Saga

Developer King
Latest Version 1.31.0
File size 48 Mb
Platforms Android 4.0
Content Rating 3+
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