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Raft Survival Simulator - To date, can you be surprised by applications whose central plot is based on survival in severe conditions? We don't think so. According to the storyline of the game, the protagonist had a problem - an unexpected shipwreck, somewhere in faraway waters, and most importantly, no one, but you survived. Somehow, the hero managed to swim to the bridgehead, which will act as your first swimming vessel. From the improvised instruments you will have only a rope coil and a sharp hook, and somewhere nearby constantly floats a big shark, which managed to smell the smell of your body and now at any opportunity wants to bite you off a piece of meat, which basically will work out if you are negligent in your sailing. What can you do in such a situation? First, try to collect what is left of the wreck, and there is gameplay that tells you what to do.

Also, from the improvised means that have floated to the surface, you can find a lot of useful things. So from a usual piece of rope and a stick, you can make a fishing rod to catch food for yourself. You can also find a glass for freshwater from floating objects. As you know, there is no freshwater in the ocean, so you will also have to get it. A homemade spear will be useful in case you need to fight off a floating shark, and a hammer will be the best helper that will allow you to make a stable swimming design, and only then you will have a chance to get out of this situation finally. This simulator is very entertaining, and the moments of survival are prescribed so qualitatively that there is no doubt in the likelihood of doubt.

During the stay, the player will not only have to get a regular meal, but also to engage in providing the hero with the most comfortable conditions, and for this, you will have to deal with the construction of a raft of items obtained during the capture. You can also grow plants, trees, and flowers. The Raft Survival Simulator is an incredible journey across the vast ocean, where you will have to connect all your survival skills and skill. Install this game and get invaluable survival experience in the most challenging conditions.

The main features of Raft Survival Simulator game:

  • A different view of the survival simulator genre;
  • A vast number of items and opportunities for building your own home;
  • Thrilling gameplay, complemented by the constant danger of a fierce shark;
  • Unusual situations that you will not find in reality;
  • Ease of mastering control;
  • Quality animation.

Summary about Survival Simulator

Developer Catsbit Games
Latest Version 0.2.2
File size 88 Mb
MOD Features MOD Money
Platforms Android 4.1
Content Rating 16+
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