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Horse Haven World Adventures - this world is in your hands, so turn it into a paradise for horses! Give the Horse Farm an Ideal Horse Farm, placing it in the most exotic corners of the globe. Raise the perfect four-legged friend with whom you can have fun at the obstacle races and participate in many other activities!

Create an Ideal Horsewrecker anywhere in the world: a grand ranch in the U.S., a charming stable in France...

EXHIBIT THE BEST HORS: caress, feed, and clean your four-legged friends so that they turn from foals into adult horses and mare!

Bring out the LONGs of the most exquisite breeds, including American trotter, American horse, Mustang, Appaloosa...

Cross your champions with Druze horses to get access to the rarest and best breeds!

Make your horses Unique by buying them stylish saddles and fashionable feet.

PHOTOGRAPHIRATE their images and share them with friends.

Jump into the world and compete in the most incredible places: in the Pyramid Valley of Mexico, in the snowy steppes of Russia, among the blooming gardens of Japan. Browse the BREAKS to the BREAKS, get trophies, and raise your rankings day in and day out!

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Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest Version 8.8.0
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Platforms Android 4.4
Content Rating 3+
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