War Robots MOD Bullets/Infinite Missiles

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War Robots mod apk is a unique multiplayer shooter. Players are fighting on the locations of teams 6x6, commanding gigantic robots with powerful weapons.

Than War Robots mod apk attracts fans of the genre

This is probably the best robot war game for mobile platforms. Emphasis is placed on the team game, and the main goal - to destroy all enemy machines, capture their control beacons, and thereby increase the power and characteristics of their weapons of robots.

At the choice of the player presented:

  • 21 models of giant robots armed to the teeth;
  • A variety of weapons. Robots can be equipped with more than 20 types of guns of different kinds for their fighting style (lasers, ballistic missiles, plasma and energy guns);
  • Ability to lead your fighting clan and recruit the best warriors for the clan battles;
  • Ability to play with warriors from anywhere on Earth;
  • An impressive system of assigning combat ranks and bonuses for combat services.

To win the battle, you need to use all sorts of strategies and tactics to capture the beacons on the enemy side or to destroy them to a single. During a fight, teams will continuously balance on edge and earn influence for their team. After 10 minutes, the winner is the team that won the most influence points, captured all the enemy beacons, or killed the enemy ultimately.

Completely unique graphics

The 3D graphic component of the game will please the eye of even the most sophisticated graphomania. Textures of every detail of the world around you and the robots themselves are drawn carefully and with the soul. During the hard battles, you can watch the excellent special effects of explosions. On the powerful Android devices, the toy can maximize the potential of their iron, giving a beautiful, dense picture.

Summary about War Robots

Developer PIXONIC
Latest Version 6.2.2
File size 68 Mb
MOD Features MOD Bullets/Infinite Missiles
Platforms Android 4.1
Content Rating 12+
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Installation Instructions:
  1. download .apk file;
  2. install app;
  3. download data for the game (zip archive);
  4. unzip data on the Path: /sdcard/android/obb/com.pixonic.wwr/
  5. launch the game.