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Color Bump 3D - this game is an excellent solution for those who want to spend their time with pleasure and interest. The actions are based on the physics of different subjects. Games of this genre are pleased gamers around the world, and so different developers create a vast number of them. This project is endowed with the highest graphics and exciting, but at the same time, serious gameplay, so it can easily fight with the titans of this genre. Developers are trying to release new updates and fix existing shortcomings as often as possible so that the game beat all the ratings on the number of installations. Having downloaded Color Bump 3D to your computer, the gamer can see for himself the quality and uniqueness of this game application.

About the game

Color Bump 3D is considered an arcade game. The creators of the project from Good Job Games studio released more than 6 similar toys, but this one is considered to be the highest quality. The player will have to go through levels of various complexity, showing ingenuity, agility and speed of reaction. The game lacks any story and exciting quests. You need to take control of the balls of different colors and lead them through the game strip without touching other objects of another color, different from them. And also break all the obstacles on the way to the end of the round.


The game is subject to the law of physics, so you need to monitor the speed of the ball carefully, if it is speedy, then the ball can jump to the side and hit unnecessary objects. If this happens, the round will end in a loss.

In each round, you need to cause chaos in the surrounding space. This will contribute to the victory and allow the player to rise in the rating list of users. When passing the levels, the player is not limited in time, so you can safely and carefully dodge the obstacles on the way to victory.

The gameplay is filled with good sounds and detailed and bright graphics. Therefore, as soon as you have a free minute that you do not know what to do, you should download the game Color Bump 3D on your computer and start to pump their logical skills and at the same time have fun.

Video review

Gameplay and PC gameplay features

From the first minutes in the game, it seems that this is a regular killer time, but it is not so. Only by starting the game immediately, it will get your attention for a long time. Shop Play Market positions this game as a recreation application. After all. Here you can spend your free time with benefits and at the same time relax.

The essence of the game is to bring the ball through the entire strip to the winning finish line. On this strip, you will be hindered by various obstacles, such as small blocks of figures. They need to be completely destroyed. The difficulty is that some of them are very easy to kill, while others are heavier not, so to pass the level will be much harder.

For reference!

At the top of the game window is a progress bar, looking at it you can see how many more traps will have to bypass before coming to the finish line.

The creators have offered users about a hundred exciting and complex levels that differ from each other. At each subsequent level of obstacles become more substantial and more cumbersome. The game even has levels at which blocks of constraints can be in motion, and it becomes tough to break them.


Remember the appearance of each obstacle block to know what physical features it has; it will significantly facilitate the passage.

A nice feature of the game is the complete lack of investment in real money. It does not provide for domestic purchases, as in many other sports. This feature pleases users because they have no way to speed up the process of passing anything but their own efforts. This means that the passage will drag on for hours, and the rating of players will be only the most agile and fastest gamers who have achieved these results.

It's good to know!

In Color Bump 3D for Windows, you can find various tricks that make it easier to pass the level. On the way, you can find ski jumps, through which you can jump over several obstacles.

The main advantages of the game:

  • Easily customizable control.
  • Periodic update output.
  • Pleasant background music.
  • Bright and detailed graphics.
  • The game is built on the laws of physics.
  • Suitable for all age categories.
  • Lack of shopping function.
  • More than a hundred levels with puzzles.

Management in the game

As in many other games of this genre, here is a simple and intuitive control. The main actions are carried out with the help of mouse buttons. All you need to do is point the ball in the lane, in the mobile version it's done with your finger, and on your laptop it's convenient to do it with a touchpad. Having installed the game through the emulator you can always transfer the control to the computer keyboard and set up quick keys convenient for you.

How to install Color Bump 3D on your computer?

It is easy to download and install the 3D Bump Color for PC if you use an emulator program that allows you to run games created for mobile platforms on a device with Windows operating system. The most popular among emulators is Play Market.

Method 1

The installation algorithm looks like this:

  1. Download the emulation program and install it on your PC.
  2. Log in using your Google Account.
  3. In the search window, enter the name of the puzzle in English and start the installation process, accepting all the agreements.
  4. You can open the game in the tab with installed applications.

Method 2

For those of you who couldn't figure this out, there's another way to download it. The site offers free access to the archived file. In it, you can find other more detailed installation instructions, as well as the emulator and the game, adapted to the android. You need to install the emulator and download the game file into it to be able to run it on your computer.


For the regular operation of the emulator, you will need a high-speed Internet, as well as at least 6 GB of free disk space and updated drivers.

Let's sum up

The creators produced a project that surpassed all previous games of this genre. Excellent graphics, music, and easy control will please any gamer. The game is ideal for training logic, as well as for relaxation from everyday activities. The developers are constantly releasing new updates, so you won't be bored when you pass all the levels.

To download Color Bump 3D to your computer, you need to use our installation guide, and you can quickly start going through more than 100 exciting game levels.

Summary about Color Bump 3D

Developer Good Job Games
Latest Version 1.4.9
File size 18 Mb
MOD Features MOD Unlocked
Platforms Android 5.0
Content Rating 3+
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