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Iron Kill: android vs robot gamer will have to take part in the confrontation with huge robots. His hero is a fearless mechanical giant, eager to destroy anyone in his path. To achieve what you want, you will have to try harder. Around a lot of opponents, the destruction of which - the task is not easy. Some bosses are unlikely to be defeated at first attempt. Before the beginning of the gameplay, the gamer forms a unique robot and gives it special abilities.

Variants of iron bullies are various. There are both small and fast, and clumsy, but official copies. Each of them has a unique fighting style and secret techniques. The modernization of the selected character is provided. We will have to win many fights, win the most talented opponents from around the world. Graphics of good quality, made in 3D, in a futuristic style. All characters are unique, thought out to the smallest detail, and carefully drawn. The animation is smooth; all the effects are excellent and memorable. Locations look unusual and quite realistic. All this allows you to get the most out of the game and enjoy the many dynamic battles.

Music is represented by dynamic tracks and a variety of special sound effects. They blend in harmoniously with the surroundings and allow you to enjoy the game fully. The game is translated into Russian. There is a possibility of interaction and communication between real players with the help of social networks. Management is simple; it will not be challenging to master it. During the battle, the player can access only three buttons - a special attack, fast and blocking.

There is no possibility to move around on your own. There are no particular combinations, all that is available is a super-kick. It can only be performed after a certain amount of energy has been accumulated. The game is free of charge. There is paid content that dramatically simplifies the gameplay and makes it even more attractive and saturated. The game will undoubtedly find its admirers. Only the most persistent and patient player will be able to entirely go from a weak beginner to a real "thunderstorm ring" and lead his hero to the desired victory in the main world championship.

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