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Warlords of Aternum is a strategic game about the great battle for the liberation of Athernum from the evil orcs. Your task is to gather an army and kill the conquerors. You play the role of commander of the port city of Duport, the last haven for the inhabitants of the kingdom.

Previously, the game belonged to the studio Wonga. InnoGames bought it in 2016. A year later, they restarted the project under the expanded name. The big update preserves the old account and introduces new features with content.


Prepare to recruit warriors, gradually open up and free up the occupied territories. You need to destroy the enemies who have scattered on the ground. Much of the gameplay comes down to a series of step-by-step battles on the hexagonal field.

The map consists of open and shaded areas. The study of the closed region is carried out through exploration. It consumes gold and eats uptime.

World map

Warlords of Aternum can be downloaded without payment, but there are game items for real money. The store is disabled in the settings. You can compete in PvP fights with players from the community and even get to the leaders in the ranking.


At the start of the game, the player has access to a squad of guards under the command of pirate Jilly, nicknamed "Kashevar." Soon they are joined by royal Pikiners. They are headed by warrior Pelagia.

Hard riders under Taras Arata are slightly late. They used to guard farms against robbers, but the war sets more serious tasks.

Cailin Eleanor and her wizards left their homeland's Arc of Heaven to help in battles with the Orcs. Tum-Pa and Wataga, the Funny Ogres, will become allies after the victory over Brutus Izvorotlyvym.

Leela's Archers

Leela, the warrior girl, brought in archers from the western mountains. She intends to deal with the robbers. The kingdom has fallen, but the royal guard under the leadership of the fearless Dagmund is ready to protect the people from evil. Innocent fairies decided to join the forces of good. They left the shelter to heal the wounded. Cayenforth's elite archers will also stand up to protect people. They are commanded by a fugitive thief Vivienne Delage.

The enemy army consists of three main troops. Attacks are organized by Brutus, and the horde of Grubaka pursues refugees fleeing the destruction in Dunmar. Victory over the second helps to secure the passage. The city will immediately revive, which will benefit the military cause.

Exchange of courtesies before battles

Look for the Dark Shamans. They poison innocent souls and bodies.


You'll have to rely on strategy to defeat your enemies. Prepare to plan attacks and command units with different parameters. A group has damage that it can withstand and deal with. You won't need to do too much math to calculate your moves, and that makes the game so enjoyable. You expect a strategy with MMORPG elements to be demanding, but Warlords of Aternum makes it easy to play.

You take with your opponent, moving pieces like in chess.

The battle begins with the initial formation of units on the field. Possible positions are highlighted in blue. Then it remains to click "Start the Battle."


Highlight a character by tapping and selecting a destination from the bright green hexagons. If an opponent is within range of the attack, put him/her down. Archers and wizards know how to attack at a decent distance. Ordinary warriors are forced to approach the target closely. The transition radius depends on the type of regiment, which is logical. The mobile cavalry will run further than the fighter in heavy armor.

Skills appear on levels higher. They are activated by buttons on the left side of the screen.

The training system itself explains how best to deal with different circumstances.

Here are the main tips:

  • Heroes do 50% more damage to enemies below on a hill.
  • Play on weaknesses. The principles of the classic "Stone, Scissors, Paper" game work here. For example, guards take more lives from spearfishers but are vulnerable when they meet riders.
  • In the forests, protection is doubled — a right place for the deployment of heroes of long-range combat.

Strategic advice

Artificial intelligence in WoA is easy to replay. It's enough not to make stupid mistakes. Don't storm the guards' cavalry, take up trees or a hill and wait for your opponent to make a move. The terrain dictates the rules. The swamp stops the movement, and the water does not pass without a bridge. Try to take up positions where the approach is limited. So you cannot be attacked from six sides.


Warlords of Aternum has no construction. There are no conventional resource buildings, barracks, castles, forges, farms, and research centers. The army won't have to feed or drive to pubs. They need equipment and management.

The level of the regiment, together with the main parameters, grow in battle. If you win, you get more points. Fragments with soldiers' objects and improvements are given for clearing the region. Bonuses are opened after pumping the rank. For the final training, 23 levels are required!

Additional resources will be brought by traders from the city, but before you do, expel the monsters from the region. A merchant ship and a smuggler will appear in Duport harbor.

Duport Harbour

  1. The merchant's shipment contains one or five random items with different odds of falling out. There are improvements, diamonds, or potions. It is allowed to collect it once every 4 hours. If you have accumulated a lot of gold coins, unlock it earlier.
  2. The second option is smuggling. It will give a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 pieces! Take a break of 48 hours or layout 190 crystals.

World map

The game world has been scattered with the points where the war leads the militia. They have their own history:

  • Duport is the only hiding place left untapped. Free him from the siege, and the merchants will not remain in debt.
  • Bandit Island is a dark spot in the sea, wrapped in an evil atmosphere. Hire wise men to get to it.
  • Camp Grubaka - the base of the gang of orcs. They are attacking refugees who are looking for shelter in Duport. Their leader is stupid and strong. They say that he does not feel pain, so he acts recklessly and dangerously.
  • The military harbor is a big port from where the elves run away from Dunmar. They follow the gods who have left the damned lands.
  • The heavenly harbor is the home of the wise men. They will not miss a soul while they are besieged. Chase away the orcs; the magicians agreed to help you.
  • The grotto of the Two-Headed Man is a trap where the ogre drags the victims. He guards them on the surrounding roads at night. His lair is full of treasure.
 The fortress of Trutus is a barrier on the way to the Northern wastelands. Here the leader Trutus Izvorotlivny plans raids.

Summary about Warlords of Aternum

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